Born in 1988, I, Este van Wyk, am a Leo. A fierce protector of those I love. Proud. I identify with Tinkerbell, I like glitter and dresses and if I don’t get enough attention I will possibly die…

I have been with my husband for almost seven (7) years now and we have been married for three (3) of those years and have been parents for two (2) of them. I love Vaughn (my husband) like crazy. I believe in “soulmates” when I look at him and experience how he ‘gets’ me. This does not mean that our marriage is sunshine, roses and daily dates. It’s real (more to follow). It’s interesting. But it’s freaking amazing!!

My son, Kian, is an absolute joy. He is an extrovert. (Did I mention my husband and son are both extroverts and I am the introvert? No? Well, stick around.) He has a beautiful soul, a kind heart and an amazing positive personality and sense of humour. But, at times, I do understand why moms eat their young.

I am a lawyer. I am therefore on the offense and defense most of the day and that causes it’s own interesting occurrences.

I gym (at 5am). I eat. I shop (as much as I can). I sleep (also as much as I can). I pray (daily).