My mother taught me…

Lately I have been reminiscing about the wisdom imparted to me by my mother, whom I believe to be the wisest person I know, and possibly the wisest person who exists. 

So here is a list of quips, quotes and advice that has helped me throughout the years:

1. When driving an automatic car: forget you have a left leg. 

2. Always add salt, even when baking, you will taste the difference. 

3. Make sure your nails are kept neat and presentable – people judge you on the state of your nails. 

4. Choose your battles. Not everything that’s true needs to be said. 

5. Drink less Coke. 

6. Look after your skin. 

7. Battles are won in prayer, not at war. 

8. Make yourself presentable and stay attractive to your husband. Make an effort. 

9. Stay away from extensions, they don’t look natural. 

10. Never use the word divorce. It shouldn’t exist in your vocabulary. 

11. Talk to your son and explain to him what’s happening – he understands full well what you’re telling him. 

12. You already have enough clothes. 

13. Be grateful. 

14. The wife determines the mood of the household. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 

15. Spend time in prayer. 

16. God can look after everything that is near and dear to you much better than you can. 

17. Cream makes every dish better. 

18. Cut down on meat, you’ll feel healthier. 

19. Forgiveness is divine. 

20. What would Jesus do?

21. ‘n Ander man se genade is ‘n verdomde genade. (Another man’s grace is damned grace i.e. don’t depend on someone else) 

22. The truth always comes out. Light will always prevail, and the truth cannot hide away in the darkness for too long. 

23. It’s not always about you. 

24. God has a perfect will and an allowable will, seek God’s perfect will. 

25. Your greatest fights are spiritual and not against flesh and blood. 

26. Laughter is the best medicine. 

27. Laziness does not run in our family. Diabetes and stomach problems do however, so look after your health. 

28. Take off your dark glasses and put the rose-coloured glasses on, there is so much good in the world – notice it. 

29. Mens gaan nie so maklik dood nie. (You don’t die so easily.)

30. You’re not the first, and you’re definitely not the last (to go through something) – you’ll be ok. 

31. Kitchens are great for dancing. 


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