Life Update

So I’m finally sitting with a few minutes to just regroup. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written and maybe I should share a bit about why I’ve been so quiet. 

I’m sure most moms can identify, life speeds past at the speed of lightning. Juggling a very very busy 2-year old, with work, friendships, marriage and trying to look as good as the women that tend to surround me is not an easy task. 


I love Kian more than I love myself. Motherhood is just a bit challenging at times. Especially when I’m sick or tired (or both) and he doesn’t seem to understand that reading Patrick and the Hungry Puppy for the seventh time in a row isn’t as stimulating for me as for him. But then again, motherhood isn’t motherhood if it’s not selfless. And there are so many people out there who would sacrifice a limb to be able to read the same bed-time story 20 times over to their child(ren). I love Kian and I thank God for him every single day. I try to be as good a parent as I possibly can, which would be less of a challenge if it wasn’t for…


I enjoy my job. Some days I’m less overjoyed to wake up for it, but then I remind myself that I am employed and that many people wish they had a job to get up for. It pays the bills. Mental stimulation is present. Yet, lately, it’s been mountains and mountains of files. Not the Magaliesberg type of “mountain”, more like a Kilaminjaro or an Everest. I keep telling myself that you eat an elephant bite for bite but it doesn’t feel like I’ve even gotten past the tail. Still – grateful for my job. 


Vaughn. Vaughn. Vaughn. How can I describe him? He has taught me so much and keeps me grounded when it feels like I’m losing my shit. And I very often lose my shit. I am grateful for him and God has blessed me richly. Yet, and any successfully married person can attest to the fact that marriage takes work and effort and is an investment of all your resources. Worth it. And what you put in you get out. Yet, notwithstanding the kids, the work, the finances or your health, you need to keep on investing. 


My best friend has decided to marry and move out of Pretoria – how selfish of her – but we’ve been busy with planning a wedding, preparing for the wedding and enjoying the wedding for the past couple of months. I have realised, as I’m nearing 30 that women need a tribe. You need to surround yourself with people that understand your industry, your religion, your values and will help you make the right decision, even if it means telling you what you don’t really want to hear. 

In other news

I’m journeying with JVL (JVL Website)  who will help me realise one of my goals for 2017. I have fallen off the bus a bit, and still have to break the news to him. Yet, it is isn’t about how you fall but how you get up. Am I right? Let’s hope he agrees. 

I’ve decided to journey back to blonde. Once a blonde. Always a blonde. At least in the life of moi that is how it seems to work. I’m journeying with Hollywood Hair Pretoria (Hollywood Hair Facebook Page) to go back to my (chosen) roots. 

I will be attending a First Aid course and thank God for Bub Hub Pretoria (Bub Hub Pta Website) who assists me in my journey to be the best mom I could possibly be. 

My mom has officially retired- I’ve only ever been used to a working mom. And, finally, she can relax and invest in herself. 

I am working through forgiveness towards other people who have hurt my family and, as soon as I have dealt with that, maybe forgiveness and love is a good topic for a blog. I’m walking that journey with God. 

Esté mic drop 


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