940 Saturdays…that’s all you get

And may I remind you that 260 of them are gone by the time they reach 5 years old?


If your schedule is anything like mine, meaning anything like that of the average mother, you know that time with your child during the week is something that myths are made of – very much like fairies, dragons and well-rested parents.

My son attends an amazing nursery school, with so much that they offer and teach him, yet there are so many days that I feel like his teachers get the best of him and my colleagues get the best of me, and what I give to my son at the end of each day is the proverbial “rest of me” and not the “best of me”. (I hate that saying and can’t believe I just used it, but unfortunately it is the most applicable to the point I am trying to convey.)

I have recently decided that I want to start doing fun stuff with my son over weekends and spend time doing things that he would find enjoyable and would allow us to bond.



When I was offered the opportunity to enjoy a Music Box (Music-Box Website) demo-class at Bub Hub Pretoria (Bub Hub Pretoria East) with my son, I was so excited. My husband is in the music industry, his mother was an amazing singer (Irene van Wyk Song), my mother played piano (classically-trained) and attempted to get me to play piano, but I enjoyed dancing to Tchaikovsky rather than playing Beethoven – so when we got an opportunity to send Kian to a Music Box Class it was the perfect opportunity to experience something new, which is educational yet fun, and something that my son and I can enjoy together.


Music Box is grounded on the belief that children learn most effectively through play. During the classes, interactive stories are told where children can learn and enjoy imaginative play. Karen van Vuuren, who presented the class at Bub Hub Pretoria, brought several different items such as shakers, brightly coloured cloths, sticks (which my son – as any boy would – loved) and sponges. Through imagination, creative play and songs she let the little ones identify different body parts, learn about up and down as well as fast and slow. Karen shared many positive words of encouragement as well as that excited tone of voice we all get when trying to impart our absolute pride towards our little ones in order to encourage and motivate a specific behaviour (you know that voice I’m talking about, hun, we all have it in us).


Bub Hub Pretoria, situated in The Village Centre at Moreleta Park, is an absolute risk to my budget because, although they are reasonably priced, everything is just so stunning. Bub Hub Pretoria is such a gorgeous, serene boutique store with a large studio committed to helping parents (both moms and dads) by offering a range of fun mom and baby classes including Preggy Yoga, CPR Certified Courses, Baby Massage, Baby Rock Milestone Courses and Mighty Mess for older babies as well as talks by professionals in the industry.

When Kian was just born I longed to go for any and all classes in a beautiful, tranquil and conveniently-located environment so that I can offer my child the best of everything, or at least a bit of everything in order to see what works for him and what he enjoys or does not enjoy. Bub Hub Pretoria offers just this!

I am looking forward to the classes that Bub Hub Pretoria has to offer, which will not only cater for babies and new parents but also for toddlers. I will also definitely be doing the different “baby courses” with my second child (once again, not pregnant and won’t be expecting any time soon) that I was not able to do when Kian was young because no one quite seemed to make me comfortable enough to entrust my parental development with them. Jennifer (owner of Bub Hub Pretoria) on the other hand, is such a well-connected, warm person who will immediately be able to help you with courses that you are interested in and will source professionals to assist in your and your little one’s personal needs.

And while you are waiting for your class to begin, take a wander around the beautifully set-up store with all their locally sourced products. Ob-sessed!!

(PS: Kian’s afternoon nap lasted three and a half hours after the Music Box, and if all else fails, that should be reason enough to attend the classes…)


Bub Hub Pretoria082 288 0910 / pretoria@thebubhub.co.za (Jennifer)

Follow them on Instagram: @bubhubpretoria

Like them on Facebook: @bubhubpretoriaeast

Music-Box: 072 446 0147 / karen@music-box.co.za

Follow them on Instagram: @musicboxsa





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