Fit to Fat to Fries

I have a theory: people who crave starch over something sweet are predisposed to picking up weight, above those who choose sugar as their weakness.

It isn’t because they crave starch that they tend to gain weight easier, it’s just a body type theory I have. I have tested my theory on many different people and time and again my theory has rung true.

I was always the sweet-toothed person described by others as having a fast metabolism and the perfect body, until recently: something changed, I don’t know if it is because I am nearing 30 at the speed of lightning, or because my body has been through the creation of a human-being (okay, being the vessel in which creation took place), or because the gods are crazy and are enjoying some humour at my bum’s expense, BUT…I have become my greatest fear: I crave starches, fries, pizza wraps, anything with carbs and cheese (and obviously a side of Coke). I am eating more than my husband, and he gyms likes a crazy mofo so you need to know that this girl’s appetite is currently a cause of concern.

No…I’m not pregnant…and yes, I’m 100% sure.

This morning at breakfast (where we went to dine out at the insistence of my appetite) I looked at my plate and all that went through my mind was: “…this feels like an episode of Fit to Fat to Fit except I am not sure when the “to Fit” part starts and I’m grossing myself out”.

For those of you who have never watched Fit to Fat to Fit, the episode follows personal trainers who literally want to know how their fat clients feel by becoming one of them. The specific personal trainer dedicates four months to eating whatever, whenever (they have a target of how many calories they want to consume a day) and they are not allowed to exercise at all. After the four month period the personal trainer commits himself to losing the weight with his client for another four months and both the trainer and the client have phenomenal results (very often the trainer looks better than (s)he did before).

So now that you know what I am referring to when I describe my current lifestyle as being one of “fit to fat” you can just imagine what I have been eating: fatty, oily starches, meat and meat and more meat (and I tend to steer away from meat as far as possible). I am a health-conscious girl and I like feeling in control of my plate and what goes into my mouth. It’s second nature to me to know whether something is healthy or not and how my body will react to what I am eating.

Lately I have just let go and the dream of fitting into my honeymoon jeans have alluded me.

So, in the middle of our South African winter where soup, pancakes, melkkos and cinnabons are a staple food for the months of May to July, I have decided to set a goal for myself:


That which nourishes me should not destroy me. I will not deny myself anything, instead I will feed my body that which makes it feel better (physically, not emotionally). I will not starve myself and I will not calorie-count. I will listen to my body and I will be good to it.

Although I like (read: love and am obsessed with) pizza wraps and loaded fries, I will remind myself that I am not a dog and therefore I don’t need to reward myself with food. So on the brink of a new week, I ask you to please keep my expanding love handles, cheese sauce obsession and Coke (drinking kind) addiction in your prayers…may winter be kind to us all. 🙂


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