Tonight I will be more present…

As I write this blog my heart is broken into pieces. I just read an article about a baby who died in a Pretoria East Nursery School (Click here to read the article). According to the article it was a freak accident, which could not have been prevented. Each person is entitled to their own opinion about what should have or should not have happened, but that is not what this post is about.

All that has been going through my mind is: What if today was the last time I got to drop Kian off at school? What if I was the parent who had an article written about my son? What if I had to get THE phone call? 

What I will be doing differently tonight

I promise that tonight I will put my phone away. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and other messages can wait.

I will not be working late today.

When I get home tonight I will leave my phone in the room and spend quality time with Vaughn and Kian. I will pay careful attention to each minute spent bathing Kian, listen to what he has to say and sing along with him. I will read his favourite story as many times as he asks me to before bed. I will give him extra kisses tonight before saying our night-prayers and putting him to bed.

I will set the dining room table instead of eating in front of the TV. I will make an extra effort with dinner tonight (and not just Woolies microwaveable everything) and I will look my husband in the eye and remind him of what I appreciate about him. I won’t nag or complain – I will be fun, or at the very least pleasant, to be around.

I will rub my husband’s feet without him having to ask me first.

I will stay up just a little bit later to spend extra time with him instead of rushing off to sleep as soon as possible.

I will check up on Kian several times so that I can be in his presence as much as possible.

What I will be doing differently in the future

Admittedly, I will not be able to keep the aforementioned routine up and I won’t be able to be so selfless and invested every single night (at least I’m honest), but I think the principle remains the same. Let’s put our phones away for at least an hour each night where we are PRESENT in the company we find ourselves in. I tend to agree with the fact that those you are with are more important than those you are not with.

I will stop trying to rush through everything each evening and to make everything as convenient for myself as possible. I will slow down. I will concentrate on where I can serve and not where I can be served. I will invest in quality time with my people and not try to be at several places at once, or do 20 things simultaneously.

Moms, slow down. I know you have a million things to do. I know a messy house annoys you. I know you have to be up early tomorrow morning. I know that if you don’t do it, then no one else will (maybe because it’s not all that important to be done, anyway). I get it. I know that your files are heaping up on your desk and that your emails are waiting. I know that after a long day you just want to switch off and have your brain go into mush-mode.

Just remember where your priorities lie:

When you are with your families, be with them. Don’t reach for the phone. Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t go over your to-do list or to-buy list or to-remember list. Be there.

Make memories by living in the moment.



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