Getting real…

There is a profound quote that finds itself from my subconscious to my conscious every now and again, at a time when I need it the most and want to hear it the least:

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

It’s so easy to ramble off your “I want” list to God, to your husband, to your friends and about your work. I want more attention, I want people to make more of an effort, I want more money, I want a better body, I want a higher-paying job, I want more time, I want one day of peace, I want to sleep longer, I want to eat whatever I want and stay thin, I want those pants, I want that relationship, I want that car, I want that job, I want, I want, I want. The list is never-ending. We go through each day coveting what other people have, wear, do and earn.

When last did you wake up and not moan about having to wake up for work?

When last did you thank your chosen deity or the Universe (whoever / whatever):

  • For being able to wake up (instead of moaning that it’s too early),
  • For being able to be healthy enough and able to get out of bed (instead of complaining that you’re too tired),
  • For the privilege of still having your husband lie next to you – at least you know where he is (instead of complaining that he can still sleep in),
  • For the sound of snoring in the house – they are all still breathing and you’re not alone (instead of complaining of the noise),
  • For a cellphone that you could conveniently set your alarm on (instead of complaining about your alarm),
  • For the financial and physical means to go gym (instead of complaining about having to lose weight),
  • For your son who is awake waaay earlier than you would choose, but HE IS AWAKE – do you know how many people would offer two (if not all) of their limbs to have their child wake up one more time?
  • For your husband’s clothes that are next to the laundry basket and not inside the laundry basket – hey, you can still get him out of his pants 😉

You get the idea?

I am very guilty of being ungrateful and self-centered. So many times I want more and feel I deserve more, because, according to me I give so much more. Yet, when I take a step back and start seeing the small things to be grateful for, I find that there is actually so many blessings in my life that I take for granted everyday.

Both my mom and husband have been really amazing in helping me to look at things from another perspective and seeing the positive aspects of a particular situation.

So my challenge to you is that you don’t only say thank you for the big things, but that you will start being grateful for the little things as well, even those things that are apparent annoyances. Have “on-purpose” gratitude.

After all, it is not happy people that are thankful, it is thankful people that are happy. 




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