Why Tammy Taylor Nails?

Do me a favour…no, ditch that…do yourself a favour and follow Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa (@tammytaylornailssouthafrica) as well as Tammy Taylor Nails Faerie Glen PTA (@tammytaylornailsfaerieglenpta) on Instagram and try not to fall in love with the absolute art that is posted daily. It is inspirational and beautiful and even if you are not a stiletto-nail, Swarovski-crystal junkie (which I am most definitely not), you would want to try something different at least once.

And then you will be hooked.

TT 1                        TT2.jpg                       TT3.jpg

** Images courtesy of @tammytaylornailsfaerieglenpta Instagram Page**

I am fine with DIY-ing many things in my life. Hair and nails are two things that I don’t DIY. I don’t have the time, the patience or the skill-set. I want to sit, enjoy my salon-time and walk out a prettier version of myself.

I won’t go in depth regarding my whole experience with Tammy Taylor Nails Faerie Glen (TTFG). If you’re a woman and you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had your nails done and are curious regarding what all the fuss is about.

Let me tell you why no other salon will ever see me again, by explaining to you what TTFG gives that no other salon has given me before:

  1. Celebrity Status: Everyone wants to feel important. I want to feel like I am TTFG’s most important client and that they will open especially to service my nails and go the extra mile to give me exactly what I want. I am not sponsored, and even before I informed TTFG of my intention of reviewing the salon, I received a direct message from TTFG on Instagram informing me that the picture of the nails I posted was done by AJ from their salon and because I already have a booking, they would like to assist me by booking me with AJ specifically so that I can have the exact set of nails I want. Uh…wow!!!! How’s that for feeling important?
  2. Efficient Booking: They have an App. It is free. It is easy to use. It is convenient. I don’t have to phone anyone. I can immediately choose which salon I want to go to, check my diary and compare it to the availability as per the App and within 3 minutes my nail appointment for the month is booked.
  3. Cappuccino: I am not a coffee snob, but, BIG BUT, I have not tasted this drink of the gods before. OMC (oh-my-coffee) it was amazing! I was greeted by a very warm receptionist who immediately offered a cappuccino and had me more fascinated by the cappuccino than my phone. That says a lot.
  4. Quality: How many times still do I have to go to a nail salon, show them a picture that I pinned, and walk out with nails that look like a five-year old’s art project? Never again! TTFG Nail Technicians are expertly trained and are so invested in every set of nails they build. My nails are good quality, beautiful, strong, durable and attract so many compliments.
  5. Pearl: I have added to my booking (two people) and asked questions regarding my booking and Pearl has been ready to assist me every time, within 15 minutes after sending a WhatsApp. I don’t have to phone, leave a message, remind her to get back to me or decide to leave it and rather book with another salon (because that is what us ladies do). Pearl is friendly, warm-hearted, helpful and will go above and beyond to help clients. Pearl is an absolute gem ( J ) and is the heart and soul (and not just the owner) of the salon.

Overall, I am addicted to TTFG. The quality of the product, customer-service and the whole experience will keep me coming back for more. From the car guard who showed us in, to the receptionist who gave her opinion on my friends’ nails, to AJ who did my nails, is amazing at singing Usher and might be considered as the official other man in my life (#nailsbyAJ), to Poppie who is a new nail tech and who is just too sweet and friendly for words, to Pearl (did I mention that she is amazing), to the after-sales service: all of it is a cut above the rest.



I would advise, though, that the pricelist is also a cut above the rest, but, since your hands and feet never get a day off, book the appointment, pay the extra couple of hundred rand, and feel the difference.

So, why Tammy Taylor? Because your hard-working hands and busy feet deserve first-class treatment. Mic-drop.



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