Tuesday Lookbook

My friend has compared herself to a crow, because, as she explains it, she likes pretty, shiny objects.

I will skip the shiny and limit myself to the pretty. Fashionably speaking, there isn’t a better season than winter. It allows layering, playing around with different materials and taking chances to create new looks with what is already in your closet.

My current favourites and must-haves are listed herein below:


Camel Nude Coat.jpg

I am in love wih this nude coat from Forever New (Joliet Soft Silky Trench – R 1 899). Pair it with all black to make it a statement item.

Pair the trench coat with any of the following shoes:

Ankle Boots.jpg

Bernadette Side Zip Ankle Boots – Forever New – R 899


white adidas.jpg

Adidas Sneakers – Adidas – Price on request

Which brings me to my next, all-year-round, absolute must-have:

2. Sneakers / Converse


For the love of all things comfortable and convenient: I have met my sneakers, I have purchased my sneakers, I have worn my sneakers, I have dressed them down, dressed them up, and dressed them even more up, and I am obsessed. I feel like a mom crossed with a Kardashian in my converse: like, I’ve got shit to do, so don’t keep me waiting, but I’ve got a style to maintain, so don’t underestimate me, but, I’m not going to be an idiot in heels for what needs to be done, so don’t mess with me. #kardashianmom

3. Gilet (pronounced jheelay)

I love items I can wear several times in one week, while being able to create so many different looks. I find the gilet to be one of those items.


Pair it with black leggings, black top and black ankle boots, or with a long sleeved black dress and stockings for two completely different looks. Belt it. Leave it. Pair it with an oversized knitted scarf to add a pattern or colour accent.

4. Ripped Jeans

I must confess, I enjoy showing a bit of leg. If you want a more casual look, and let’s face it, stockings don’t always make the cut: ripped jeans. I. LOVE. THEM.


5. Olive Green

If you follow me on Instagram (@estesuvw) you will know by know that my winter colour obsession is olive green. My bff and I refer to it as “Frappie-groen” (Frappie = Flippen ryk as gevolg van pappie – Translation: Flippen rich by virtue of your father – it works better in Afrikaans). The reason we refer to it as such is because it’s the colour of the rich. Worn the right way, this colour oozes effortless chic, class and luxury. That type of effortless style the “old rich” display.


Yes, I see it, the obvious is not lost on me: my outfit displays most of my must-haves for the winter.

6. Knitwear

Winter would not be winter without our love for knitwear. Nothing beats a warm jersey on a day where we feel a bit of that winter bulge and don’t feel like sucking it all in. Jumpers / jerseys are for those days where the creativity isn’t there and we want to look good with minimum effort. Grab a (good quality) knit, add a scarf, do your hair in a low chignon with a few wisps on the side, add minimal make-up with a good lip and you’re good to go.


Jennifer Tie Sleeve Jumper – Forever New – R 899

For more fashion inspiration be sure to follow me on Instagram (@estesuvw).

I truly hope that you are looking a bit more forward to braving the cold weather in style.

Until later…stay warm xoxo


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