Nothing to wear



Not fashion. I have never been one to follow the latest fads. I wish I could do the crop top, high-waisted pants / skirt look, but I’m too insecure.

I remember in my first year in Varsity, one of the res girls came into my room, looked at my closet and asked “Where are all your clothes?”. I had leggings, a black long-sleeved top, different coloured cami’s and black pumps. That was my closet. And from that day forward I vowed to never have an empty closet. I felt judged. And poor. (First-world problem of note!!)

Also…being a dancer for a well-known cheerleading squad, we were always judged on how we looked and I believe that as good a human as you can convince yourself that you are, we all judge other people on first impressions.


Open my closet and you won’t find a crazy amount of colour. I loooove black. Greys. Whites. I have started to slowly move away from leggings, but you won’t find happy pants in my closet.

In the featured picture you will note that my taste tends to go to darker pants and lighter tops. I feel good about my legs and bum, but not so confident about the poochie (every girl will know what a poochie is) – so I tend to wear looser tops and tighter pants.


In light of the fact that my funds are not an unlimited resource and I do not have a Cotton On or Forever New sponsor, I have (lately) been trying to find ways to wear the clothes that I do have in different ways.

A plain white shirt can be tied up with a clear elastic band. I have tried, for so many years, to tie the shirt on its own, but I recently discovered that a clear elastic band does wonders and doesn’t ruin the material:


Tuck the shirt in, add a brown belt and you have look that is rounded off.


The trend that I have been following lately though (oops) is wearing a complete black outfit (top and leggings, or a black dress) and tying a denim shirt or jacket, or plaid shirt around my waist.

Image result for picture of denim jacket tied around waist

I have seen on YouTube (now that it is getting cold) that another idea is to wear your black skinny jeans (or leggings) with a long-sleeved top and a cami or burnt out tank over it, for an entirely different look on staple items that we all have in our closet, and to avoid a printed top from being too overwhelming. Add a choker and voila:



I challenge you to go look at your closet, find those t-shirts, denim jackets, skinny jeans. Turn the cuffs, Tie it up. Layer it. Make this week’s challenge one of trying to create new looks with what you already have in your closet.

And who knows…maybe black leggings, a black long-sleeved top, different coloured camis and black pumps are more than enough to have in your closet.




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