Mom in White Jeans



I originally planned to write a little “Fashion Friday” blog. Plans and motherhood do not go hand in hand. I was going to tell the story about how my fashion addiction started (it is actually quite a sad and interesting story) and then explain the many ways you can wear white jeans, I was going to address interesting takes on wearing white jeans – dressing up, dressing down, feminine or edgy. Add pictures. It would have been beautiful.



And this is the beauty of a blog, because circumstances change and I want to keep this blog as real and relevant as possible.

On this cold Friday morning, heaven forbid, I give anyone advice on how to dress themselves when I am losing a daily battle with my two-year-old on dressing him.

Every. Single. Morning.

This is our dialogue:

Me: Kian, let’s go dress for school.

Kian: Uh-uh

Me: Please baby, mommy’s late

He reluctantly follows me, alternatively, I haul my screaming child to his room. I dress him in the outfit I have carefully selected for him, because how he looks is a representation of my parental aptitude (every mom knows this isn’t the truth, but we do it anyway). 

Kian: Turtles / Spider-Man / Hulk

Me: But you had all of these shirts on this week already

Kian (in a stern voice): Turtles / Spider-Man / Hulk

Me: Ok baby. Can we put on your jacket, it’s cold outside.

Kian: Uh-uh

I proceed to have an intellectual debate with my two-year-old on the relation between him wearing his jacket to the weather and his health. I lose the argument with a single “uh-uh” from his side. 

We drive to school after I repeatedly remind everyone in my vicinity that I am late (which is no-one else’s fault except my own) – but co-operation to save the morning is always appreciated. My two-year-old seems to be able to distinguish between a square, circle, triangle and diamond, but “hurry” does not exist in his vocabulary.

On our way to school I have another lengthy (friendly) conversation about putting on his jacket, to which the answer is normally – yes my friend, you guessed it – “uh-uh”.

I have, many a time, forced his jacket on him (in case you were wondering why I don’t just put the jacket on because I am, after all, the adult in the relationship). You know why? Because I would much rather listen to a thousand “uh-uhs” than a screaming, crying toddler. Pick your battles, right?

Moral of the story? 

White jeans go well with a grey t-shirt (like the picture above). They go very well with pastel colours:


I enjoy wearing white jeans with brown shoes. I’m not a fan of pairing them with black shoes. ANY other colour. Not black.

White jeans also look great with a denim button-up shirt. Or a red plaid shirt. Worn with nude / brown shoes. Or converse. Oh how I love my converse.

The possibilities with white jeans are endless.

Your options, however, with a two-year-old are as follows:

  1. Put on the jacket and experience a screaming toddler and frustrate yourself to your wits’ end, or
  2. Leave the jacket and know that if he is cold enough he will come to you and say “jacket on”, and then you will know that you may have lost the battle, but you won the war.

And that is my take on white jeans and motherhood…

Fashion Friday out…


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