Resting Bitch Face.

Urban Dictionary (a very reliable source, I know) defines Resting Bitch Face as a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to. 

I don’t know if one can classify it as a disorder, since it has saved me from many conversations I would rather not have wanted to waste my time on. Simultaneously, it is one of the (many) reasons I have had to colour my hair from black to blonde – just to look a bit more approachable and less like someone who will cut you if you look in my direction.

My one friend has disclosed to mutual friends that I am actually a bitch – I don’t just have RBF, I am a bitch, but simultaneously I am “actually” a nice person. I believe that if someone has to say that another person is “actually” a nice person, it means that she is a bitch, but you will get used to it.

I blame my RBF on being an introvert. Constant facial expressions are way too tiring to maintain. I also blame my RBF on being a lawyer. Looking friendly and fluffy and bubbly is not in my job description, and since that is where I spend most of my hours, fluffy and bubbly and sweet and unicorns and rainbows and ponies are a luxury limited to the new generation of early-20s who live off daddy’s money and think a bad day is when your eyebrows aren’t “on fleek”.

Notwithstanding the above and my limited “light and fluffiness”, I have decided that being friendly does not have to be a facial expression. It’s giving a (sincere) compliment to someone who does not expect it. It’s asking the security guard who takes your ticket on the way out of Woodlands Boulevard how they are, and actually waiting for the answer. It’s telling your domestic worker that you’ve really missed her presence, not just her work. . It’s being sincere and honest and just that tad bit more gentle, because each person is fighting their own battle. Acts of Random Kindness. You can have RBF and apply ARK. Try it and I can guarantee people will either be so taken aback by your niceness that it will add a bit of humour to your day and / or they will (in all likelihood) return the kindness. My mom taught me that no one can resist kindness.


Kindly refer to the attached photo and keep in mind that this morning at 5am I did the following leg workout: 


Do yourself a favour and follow Whitney Simmons on YouTube. Her workouts are awesome, easy to understand and yes, my legs were on FAYA (I quote her). 

She, on the other hand, does not have Resting Bitch Face. She looks nice. All the time.






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